The Other Europe, Bratislava, Slovakia, January 31, 202203/02/22

The Nation’s Memory Institute in Bratislava organized a public event promoting The Other Europe project with the attendance of researchers and lecturers from Comenius University Bratislava: Karen Henderson, Institute of European Studies and International Relations; Petra Chovancová, the Department of Cultural Studies; Dagmar Kusá, political scientist at Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts; and Pavel Mücke, historian from the Institute of Contemporary History at the Czech Academy of Sciences. The author of the Other Europe documentary, the Sciences Po political scientist Jacques Rupnik, joined the discussions online. The debate focused on human rights and their place in the struggle against the communist regimes in the late 1980s and today’s society. The Oral History method was presented as a source to understand modern history. Special attention was given to the Goulash Communism in Hungary and the situation in Poland after 1981 when the regime imposed martial law.