Robert ?, 27. 6. 1987, Budapest, Hungary


Location Budapest, Hungary
Date 27. 6. 1987
Length 03:23

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So what does Robert live on?

Well, most of the time I get money by exploiting homosexual males, and old ladies, which means that in Budapest, there are designated coffee houses or even squares where these ‘clients’, or to be precise, business-partners can be found. Now, let’s talk about the old ladies first, perhaps. The Gerbeaud Confectionery is one of these special places, that's where you can pick up one or two. So, when we started this, it all happened by coincidence. We were just hanging out without the thought of doing such things, our consumption was quite a lot, and then this lady paid the check for us. Then, for the first time she was the one who came to us and told us that she wants to meet my buddy. We thought this must be quite a nice thing and we first started talking and then accompanied her home where we got some lunch. This is when she cut right to the chase. First we were a little bit surprised, but we soon got the swing of it, then she told us how these things are arranged. Afterwards we visited her often when we needed money. About the homosexual guys, I started on for real when I went over to the Béke. /a hotel and restaurant in Budapest/. There was a chap there who, told me about this possibility.

So, when I went over to the Béke, I had a friend who drew my attention to this kind of possibility, he said he met a guy in his fifties, and he is willing to pay for this and that. Let’s go and visit him, I said. The old guy liked me, we agreed on my fee and it happened for the first time. So I’m engaged in this since then. You can ask me now further. So, I’m still in state care, and …is this bad? Oh, ok, ok.

Why does he have to do this?

Yes, of course, OK, it is because I’m still in state care, I get nothing from the state. What I earn from my job is very little and I do have certain needs. So if we think through I must engage in these kind of activities further on, this is how I get enough money and make ends meet.

Robert ? (?)

Robert ?